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"A Century of Controversy: Constitutional Reform in Alabama." Bailey Thomson, editor
Read the case for why Alabama needs to replace its antiquated and racist constitution. Click here for details.

Constitution Videos

With the help of many distinguished guests and University of Alabama Television, I created this series of 30-minute videos in the summer of 2001. They examine critical issues concerning the state's constitution. If you have DSL, cable or T1 connections, you may use the faster versions.

Introduction (fast version)
Introduction (slow version)

Populist Revolt (fast)
Populist Revolt (Slow)

1901 Convention (fast)
1901 Convention (slow)

Big Mules vs. Reformers (fast)
Big Mules vs. Reforms (slow)

State Government (fast)
State Government (slow)

Local Democracy (fast)
Local Democracy (slow)

Taxes (fast)
Taxes (slow)

Special Interests and citizens (fast)
Special Interests and citizens (slow)

How Reform Might Work (fast)
How Reform Might Work (slow)

A Legal Perspective (fast)
A Legal Perspective (slow)

The Press and Reform (fast)
The Press and Reform (slow)

The National Perspective (fast)
The National Perspective (slow)